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“One morning while dressing for work in my now tight 36 jeans, I was disgusted with myself and decided to do what so many of us do … and joined a gym. I was pumped up and excited to go at first but found my results to be far less than I was hoping for. The next thing I knew I went from feelings of excitement at the gym to feeling awkward and uncomfortable using machines as well as feeling bad about my weight and body. An old time friend and director called and wanted me to do a show. I laughed and told him I was fat, out of shape, and hadn’t danced in 2 years! He wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. I agreed to do the show and immediately felt overwhelmed. When I told Bodies of Empowerment what I needed to achieve in such a short amount of time I thought it would be impossible. They assured me that WE can and will achieve OUR goals! After 5 months of hard work, I was fit and ready for my show. This experience was no walk in the park. Diet and exercise were a challenge to fit into my busy lifestyle, but my trainer was very accommodating to my work schedule. I could never have reached my goals on my own. Not only did this lead me to achieve my goals, it also inspired me to set new ones! I can’t wait to see where these new goals lead me and what is yet to come!” –Justin

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