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What Others Are Saying… I encourage you to take a moment to view some of our client photos and testimonials shown below. These were all people just like you, who wanted to make a change and started doing something about it!


Personal Trainer client of the Month

I have always been a pretty active person, but as I got a little older I found myself becoming more sedentary and stopped caring about the shape of my body. I had a rude awakening when I started Boot Camp…


Personal Training N Kentucky - Debbie

“I was at my highest weight I had ever been in my life. I had tried for years to shed the pounds after having two children, and I was definitely out of shape! I had tried all kinds of diets…


Personal Training Northern Ky - Jason

“I was not happy in the way I looked in the mirror or how I felt. I have been very active most of my life, but about 5 years ago I made a career change and everything else took the…


Personal Training N Kentucky - Debbie

“My experience with Bodies of Empowerment is Phenomenal!! I am a 42 year old mother of two children that was desperately in need of some personal training. So, with the guidance from my husband giving me several months worth of…


Northern Kentucky Personal Fitness Trainer - Michelle Kenning

“After countless acceleration and weightlifting programs, I was never satisfied with the results. I was at a loss, until I heard about Bodies of Empowerment. Going into the training I had no idea what to expect. Boy was I in…


Personal Training N Kentucky - justin

“One morning while dressing for work in my now tight 36 jeans, I was disgusted with myself and decided to do what so many of us do … and joined a gym. I was pumped up and excited to go…


Personal Training N Kentucky - danny

“I had worked out with different teams and wanted to get ahead of the competition. My workouts are tougher and more intense than anything I could do at a gym or at school. My trainer’s workouts push me harder and…


Personal Training N Kentucky - Tim

“My experience with Bodies of Empowerment has been life changing. I know that phrase has become quite popular to use, however it is very true in my case. I came to them as a desperate man in need of help.…

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