Personal Training FAQs

My schedule fluctuates. What if I can’t commit to personal training at regular times?

Committing to regular times each week, although preferable, is not necessary. The important thing is that you commit to yourself and to us in doing a certain number of personal training sessions per week. Your workouts may take place with your trainer or on your own, depending on your work or travel schedule. There are a lot of available training times to meet your scheduling needs. For your convenience, our clients use an app that they use to schedule their personal training sessions with us each week. This provides booking convenience around the clock, with no need to contact us.

I’m not sure I can afford a personal trainer. Aren’t they expensive?

Maybe you can, and maybe you cannot. That depends upon your individual situation. Most of our personal training takes place in small groups, which amounts to less than half the cost of 1-on-1 personal training. Even then, however, not everyone is in the market for professional services in any capacity. With that in mind, it’s important to know your budget when you meet with us because we factor that into the consulting process. Schedule your consultation (link to form) with Nate to get started today! If you’re looking for the cheapest option in town or you just want to price shop, please don’t bother contacting us. Quality services, provided by qualified professionals are not cheap. Please do not contact us for rates. Our rates are not listed on this website for a very specific reason. Prices are pointless if you do not understand what you are getting for what you are paying, and you are not consulting yourself. We do the consulting, as the professionals.

I feel uncomfortable with myself. Shouldn’t I lose some weight before meeting with a trainer?

This is a common belief, but the truth is, you will make the most progress and see the best results when working with a personal trainer from the very beginning, as opposed to doing things on your own and waiting. Why wait?! Begin using the guidance and accountability of qualified fitness professionals as soon as possible! Everyone feels uncomfortable with themselves initially. Nearly everyone is nervous at first. Our private facility provides more comfort and no intimidation. Each of our clients are seen by appointment only. We have no members, so most of the apprehension and fear you would typically feel in a gym or health club setting are not a concern with us. We foster a supportive and encouraging environment. Negative people are not welcome here! Environment is critical. Culture is critical. Bring your struggles, bring your needs, bring your questions, but don’t bring bad attitudes.

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