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Please take a moment to view some of our featured clients. These were all people just like you, who wanted to make a change and started doing something about it!

Featured Client: Luke


“While I’ve never really looked like someone that would be classified as “out of shape,” sometime early last year I realized that I didn’t have the energy I needed throughout the day to be the best husband, father, and person…

Featured Client: Aliena


“I am a slave of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is teaching me to steward with excellence everything He’s entrusted to me. One of the most important things is my body. At Bodies of Empowerment, Nate and Steve provide a…

Featured Client: Vicky


“My journey began when I saw a yellow sign and decided to find out what Bodies of Empowerment was all about. The small group personal training sessions, combined with a personalized training program was just what I was looking for.…

Featured Client: Ben

Ben Seaman

“Faced with limited time to prepare myself for a Marine ROTC training goal, Bodies of Empowerment helped me to quickly get on track with an effective nutrition and workout plan. In the short time that I had, I reached my…

Featured Client: Laura


“Before 2023 I was the primary caregiver to my parents and as their caregiver, I put their health and wellness before my own.  Since that chapter of my life has now closed, I knew that I had to do something…

Featured Client: Bill


“In December 2020, I found myself the heaviest I have ever been and finally decided to do something about it.  Beginning in January of the following year, I quickly lost 31 pounds and began to feel better about myself and…

Featured Client: Ginger


“Bodies of Empowerment provides safe, individualized personal training and nutritional support that impacts my health and wellbeing in a positive way. Both Nate and Steve make sure my form is correct and that I am challenged toward continued progress. I…

Featured Client: Beth


“I retired from my job of 42 years in June 2019. I was obese and my body hurt all over. I didn’t like the way I looked or felt. About 6 months later, I decided to do something about my…

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