Personal Training N Kentucky - Jill
“I started my fitness adventure working with a trainer, assigned to me, when I joined a gym. The first day she handed me the same workout she gave to two other people and then told us to come get her if we needed any help. Needless to say, I moved to another gym, explained my previous experience, and was put through a workout that was so hard I couldn’t walk or move my arms the next day. That’s when I decided to find someone who “specialized” in fitness, someone who could personalize a program just for me, not hand me a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits all workout. I wanted someone who would explain how to do the exercises correctly AND be able to tell me why I was doing them. I got all that, and much more, with Bodies of Empowerment! Their positive approach, and vast knowledge of fitness and nutrition made my sessions beneficial, fun and easy to fit into my busy lifestyle! When I started at Bodies of Empowerment, I remember thinking that ‘empowerment’ was exactly what I needed, although I didn’t see how my body could give that to me. After a few months of training, I can tell you exactly what it means! It means I have more self-confidence personally and professionally. It means I have more endurance to get more done each day. It means I have a more positive self-concept and am more willing to try new things. It means, for the first time in my life I enjoy working out. I can actually see muscle definition on MY body and I have seen my body fat go from 30% to 14%! If that doesn’t define a body that’s empowered, I don’t know what does!”- Jill

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