Northern Kentucky Personal Fitness Training FAQs

Personal Training FAQs

My schedule changes frequently.
What if I can’t commit to training at regular times?

Committing to regular times each week, although preferable, is not necessary. The important thing is that you commit to yourself and your trainer in doing a certain number of workouts per week. Your workouts may take place with your trainer or on your own, depending on your work or travel schedule. In either case, we will be flexible with you and your scheduling needs.

I’m not sure I can afford a personal trainer. Aren’t they expensive?

The great news is; most people can afford a trainer! We do all of our personal training in small groups, which allows you to train more often and for nearly half the cost. Whether you train with us 2-3 times per week, or simply have us design a program for you and evaluate your progress once per month, we have plenty of options for you! Meet with us for a free consultation to discover which option is best for you!

I feel uncomfortable with myself.
Shouldn’t I lose some weight before meeting with a trainer?

It would seem logical to do this, but the truth is, you will make the most progress and see the best results when working with a trainer as opposed to doing things on your own. Why wait?! Begin using the guidance and accountability of a qualified fitness professional as soon as possible! Everyone feels uncomfortable with themselves initially. For this reason, we offer a private facility with no members! All clients are seen by appointment only. With no members, most of the apprehension and fear you would normally feel in a gym or health club setting are no longer a concern.

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