Northern Kentucky Personal Fitness Testimonials

Personal Training Testimonials

What Others Are Saying... I encourage you to take a moment to view some of our client photos and testimonials shown below. These were all people just like you, who wanted to make a change and started doing something about it!

Personal Trainer client of the Month I have always been a pretty active person, but as I got a little older I found myself becoming more sedentary and stopped caring about the shape of my body. I had a rude awakening when I started Boot Camp classes. I thought I was still pretty fit, but that first class taught me I had lost a lot of strength and endurance. I then decided to switch to one-on-one training. I can't believe how much my body has changed. I am stronger now than I have ever been and have so much more confidence in every aspect of my life. I have participated in many sports and outdoor activities, but personal training has pushed me harder than anything I have ever done. I can honestly say I would never push myself this hard on my own and am so thankful to have my trainer there to coach me. I would recommend it to anyone looking to feel better and have a better quality of life! It certainly has changed mine! - Kristin

Personal Training N Kentucky - Debbie “I was at my highest weight I had ever been in my life. I had tried for years to shed the pounds after having two children, and I was definitely out of shape! I had tried all kinds of diets including Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers. I joined aerobics classes and had a gym membership that I hardly ever used. I was very skeptical, and I thought I had heard it all before, but the personal trainers at Bodies of Empowerment were very positive and enthusiastic. They persuaded me to give his nutrition and exercise program a try. They were really going to have to prove themselves as far as I was concerned. Well -- They Did!!! I am in the best shape of my life! I went from a size 12 to a size 2! A feat that I never thought was possible. All I know is that I tried many different programs throughout the years, but this is the only one that has worked for me. It's all about results!!!” -Debbie

Personal Training Northern Ky - Jason “I was not happy in the way I looked in the mirror or how I felt. I have been very active most of my life, but about 5 years ago I made a career change and everything else took the back seat. This is the best thing I have done for myself in a long time! This healthy lifestyle is very just got to make that commitment. Thanks!!” -Jason

Personal Training N Kentucky - Debbie “My experience with Bodies of Empowerment is Phenomenal!! I am a 42 year old mother of two children that was desperately in need of some personal training. So, with the guidance from my husband giving me several months worth of personal training for Christmas, my mind was made up to finally achieve a long time goal of mine. I am happy to say that by July, I achieved my goal! I have lost 46 pounds of fat, and counting! I gained 15 pounds of muscle, and I went from a size 10 to a size 2. Wow! What a difference a personal trainer can do for you! I am looking forward to pursuing my goal for the rest of my life, thanks to Bodies of Empowerment!” - Linda

Personal Training N Kentucky - michelle “After countless acceleration and weightlifting programs, I was never satisfied with the results. I was at a loss, until I heard about Bodies of Empowerment. Going into the training I had no idea what to expect. Boy was I in for a wake-up call! My trainer started me on a high intensity/high endurance workout that related specifically to volleyball. He taught me how to get the most out of every workout, both physically and mentally. He also designed a nutrition plan that fit my own personal goals. Unlike other diets, I never felt starved on my nutrition plan. My trainer was very flexible and gave me plenty of options. I can honestly say that I'm in the best shape of my life. After six months of training, I have gained 9.76 lbs of muscle and lost 25.11 lbs of fat. I have learned so much about training, nutrition, and even myself, throughout this life changing journey -- which I hope to continue for the rest of my life.” – Michelle

Personal Training N Kentucky - justin “One morning while dressing for work in my now tight 36 jeans, I was disgusted with myself and decided to do what so many of us do ... and joined a gym. I was pumped up and excited to go at first but found my results to be far less than I was hoping for. The next thing I knew I went from feelings of excitement at the gym to feeling awkward and uncomfortable using machines as well as feeling bad about my weight and body. An old time friend and director called and wanted me to do a show. I laughed and told him I was fat, out of shape, and hadn't danced in 2 years! He wouldn't take "no" for an answer. I agreed to do the show and immediately felt overwhelmed. When I told Bodies of Empowerment what I needed to achieve in such a short amount of time I thought it would be impossible. They assured me that WE can and will achieve OUR goals! After 5 months of hard work, I was fit and ready for my show. This experience was no walk in the park. Diet and exercise were a challenge to fit into my busy lifestyle, but my trainer was very accommodating to my work schedule. I could never have reached my goals on my own. Not only did this lead me to achieve my goals, it also inspired me to set new ones! I can't wait to see where these new goals lead me and what is yet to come!” –Justin

Personal Training N Kentucky - danny “I had worked out with different teams and wanted to get ahead of the competition. My workouts are tougher and more intense than anything I could do at a gym or at school. My trainer’s workouts push me harder and farther than anything else I’ve ever done. I have noticed a huge increase in overall strength and endurance. I continue to see improvements with every workout!”- Danny

Personal Training N Kentucky - Tim “My experience with Bodies of Empowerment has been life changing. I know that phrase has become quite popular to use, however it is very true in my case. I came to them as a desperate man in need of help. My weight was at an all time high and my health was at an all time low. I was struggling with my eating habits and there was little to no physical activity in my life. That was 3 months ago and wow how things have changed! I have lost 30 pounds! My blood pressure and cholesterol are back on track and I have so much more energy that I feel like a new person. They have invested in improving my life, not just giving my body a quick fix. I am extremely thankful for their commitment to making my life a better one for me and my family!”- Tim

Personal Fitness Training Northern Kentucky - candy “Before I came to Bodies of Empowerment, I was really struggling. I had worked with different trainers and on my own for 2 years and was able to lose 50 pounds. After this initial loss, I kept going to different trainers and trying different things but I hit a plateau that I could not get over. It was so frustrating! I was working out almost 2 hours 6 days a week, eating a restricted diet and not seeing any results. I started to put back on the weight I had lost. I just felt hopeless. I decided to make one final push and interviewed a new set of trainers. Of all the places I went to, Bodies of Empowerment was the only one who really listened to me. You could tell I was committed and told me if I did what you asked me to do I could reach my goal. You have been able to take my hard work and fine tune it. I now spend less time working out each day but the time I do spend is at the right level of intensity. You have taught me things about my nutrition that I would have never figured out on my own. Bodies of Empowerment doesn’t sugar coat things and they help me set realistic goals. With their help, I shattered that plateau and finally have the muscle definition I always wanted! I only wish I would have found them sooner!” – Candy

Personal Fitness Training Northern Kentucky - Mary “I really appreciate the hard grueling workouts. Sometimes I get mad in the middle of a hard workout, but I realize that's why I pay you, to get the results. I started training in 2002 and I have never been disappointed. Whatever body parts I want to improve, I just let my trainer know and it gets done. For example, in 2003, my goal was to get better defined biceps and shoulders, and by December 2003 the goal was complete. This year my goal is better glutes, hamstrings, and abs.”- Mary

Personal Training Northern Ky - laura “Words don’t adequately describe how I feel about myself since beginning this process. My self-esteem is back, my clothes are smaller, and my strength level is higher than ever before. Before I made the commitment to invest in personal training services, I was overweight, weak, and disgusted with myself. Training at Bodies of Empowerment has been one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made. They have taught me the importance of nutrition and exercise and the relationship between the two. I have made lifestyle changes based on their guidance and feel great about my progress and myself!” - Laura

Personal Training NKy - kathy “All I can say is THANK YOU!! I have been pretty active most of my life. My husband got me started lifting weights in college and I have enjoyed doing it for the most part...but I wanted more!! I was going through a rough period in my life and did not feel or look liked I used to. When I started training in October 2003, I was shocked at the results I was getting - FAST! I was losing fat and gaining muscle overnight. My trainer put me on a new diet along with weight training 3 times a week with some cardio. I am 8 weeks away from my first figure competition and in the best shape of my LIFE!! - Kathy

Personal Fitness and Group Training in Northern Kentucky - Debbie “In February 2007 I had decided I was going to get into shape. I was on a low carb diet with little to no exercise for three years and had hit the ultimate plateau! I was happy with my weight but I knew I had no muscle left. I knew I had to build muscle and get lean. I started searching the internet for answers. I came across the Bodies of Empowerment website and liked what I read and saw. I started training with them in February. I learned proper techniques in weight training and how to eat good carbs. They are great motivator’s, and if you need to be pushed they are definitely the one’s to do it!”- Debbie

Personal Training N Kentucky - Jill “I started my fitness adventure working with a trainer, assigned to me, when I joined a gym. The first day she handed me the same workout she gave to two other people and then told us to come get her if we needed any help. Needless to say, I moved to another gym, explained my previous experience, and was put through a workout that was so hard I couldn’t walk or move my arms the next day. That’s when I decided to find someone who “specialized” in fitness, someone who could personalize a program just for me, not hand me a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits all workout. I wanted someone who would explain how to do the exercises correctly AND be able to tell me why I was doing them. I got all that, and much more, with Bodies of Empowerment! Their positive approach, and vast knowledge of fitness and nutrition made my sessions beneficial, fun and easy to fit into my busy lifestyle! When I started at Bodies of Empowerment, I remember thinking that ‘empowerment’ was exactly what I needed, although I didn’t see how my body could give that to me. After a few months of training, I can tell you exactly what it means! It means I have more self-confidence personally and professionally. It means I have more endurance to get more done each day. It means I have a more positive self-concept and am more willing to try new things. It means, for the first time in my life I enjoy working out. I can actually see muscle definition on MY body and I have seen my body fat go from 30% to 14%! If that doesn’t define a body that’s empowered, I don’t know what does!”- Jill

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