Why Experience Matters with Personal Training

When it comes to seeking any type of professional service, it’s always worth the investment when we choose experience. Sure, we can save money going with someone who is still wet behind the ears, but we are more satisfied with the results we have selected a professional that has a long track record of facilitating success and providing quality service. I have heard it said that if you show up to court in defense of a criminal case and your attorney shows up late, wearing a cheap suit with food stains on it, you are going to jail!

Our personal fitness trainers each have over 28 years of experience.

Did you know that most personal fitness trainers don’t even last 2 years in the industry? It’s sadly true. They use it as a temporary job because they did not learn how to make it into a lifelong career.

I would not recommend that someone do something that I am not willing to also do myself. I use this same principle with each of the professionals I hire in my own life. I pay more for services which I see greater value in.

In terms of improving your health and fitness, you could easily turn to a multitude of cheap options.

Before you make those considerations, ask yourself a couple of important questions:

  • “Did I receive the results I was looking for the last time I did something like this?” If not, why?
  • “Is my body one of the most valuable assets I own?” If it is, are material assets of lesser value being given greater attention and priority in your life? If so, why is that? Where is the disconnection?
  • “What is most important to me; price or quality?”

If I am paying premium prices for clothing, handbags, dining, vacations, vehicles, etc. and I am unwilling to do the same or greater for my body, things are out of balance. Those clothes will fade and wear. That handbag will never speak as loud as your physical condition. Those nice meals are enjoyable and then they are quickly gone. That car depreciated 50% as soon as you drove it off the car lot. You only get one body on this earth, and your body is the only vehicle you are given to carry out your purpose in this life. It is invaluable. As is your mind, your spirit, and your relationships. Those are the “things” that REALLY matter!

I can spend $10 or $20 a month on a gym membership, just as I can pay the janitor at the bowling alley for legal advice. Did I save money? You bet! But, man, does it hurt seeing those dollars go to waste after I did not get the result I was after. And then what happens? Not only do I have the pain of consequences from my poor decision, I also have to invest the time, energy, and money again to do it the right way. Why not just do it the right way the first time!?

You’re far more likely to show up when you hire a fitness professional

It is proven that when you hire a fitness professional you are far more likely to use it because it costs you something. Investments ought to hurt a little. If it doesn’t hurt, you aren’t invested much into the process. There’s no sacrifice. There’s no risk. That gym can debit your bank account every month, year after year and it doesn’t hurt a bit. It does not cost you enough to motivate you to use it.

The intent of this article is not to bash gyms. They certainly have their value and place for those who know how to use them and use them consistently – which is about 4% by the way. For everyone else, however, they are not a worthwhile investment. The industry knows these numbers. They know that most of those who join will not show up on a regular basis. That is how they charge less and still make a fortune. They are banking on you not to show up! It’s like taking your mortgage payment to the casino in hopes that you will make a return. If everyone won against the house they would be out of business. The odds are stacked in their favor, not yours.

Most of the health and fitness industry over-promises and under-delivers. Take the time to get beyond the hype of the fads that are in right now and go with what is tried and true. No hype. No BS.

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