Fitness Training is A Life Choice. Choose your Path.

Multiple Endings

If you are old enough to read those books as a child that led to multiple endings, this analogy will resonate with you. As we went throughout the pages of those books, we would reach intersections or points of deciding our path forward in the stories. Once we made our choice on how to proceed, we were then asked to skip ahead to a particular page number in the book which would then take us in the direction of our choice. After several of these choices, we were left with an ending to that story that reflected the sum of all those choices made.

Life is a lot like those books. We make small, seemingly insignificant choices daily, and larger, life-altering decisions less frequently throughout the course of our lives. Each of these choices move us in the direction of our choosing, whether conscious or subconscious. Those choices then cause us to arrive at a final ending, or result.

If you were like me when you read these types of books, you found yourself turning back the pages several times so that you could change the ending. Whether I didn’t like the results of the choices I initially made, or when I simply wanted to see what the outcome would have been if I would have chosen differently.

Unfortunately, our lives don’t allow us to do this. What’s done is done. There is no option to go back and undo the choices that we have made. There are no do-overs. This is a painful realization for most of us to face, and we can be left with the pain or regret of those choices later in life.

But there is good news! If you are reading this, your life is not over yet! You can completely change your course, and therefore, your story ending. It’s not as simple as turning the pages of a book, but it CAN be done! You can learn from your mistakes and begin heading in a better direction from this day forward. Prioritize taking care of your body and fitness with Personal Training.

A lifetime of neglecting and/or abusing a body creates a lot of unnecessary pain. If you want to avoid this pain, or you have had enough of it and you are ready for change, we would love to help you make that change. To be the best version of yourself – for you, and your loved ones!

What ending will you have to your life story? What will your choices teach those little ones who look to you for guidance? It is not what we say, but what we do, that they learn. Health is modeled. Values are modeled. They are lived out. What are your values? Do they include yourself?

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