Applying knowledge is Key to Life and Personal Fitness

Knowledge alone has never saved anyone. It is the application of that knowledge that does. Learn, know, then apply.

Why is it that the lines for fast food breakfast are not getting any shorter in the mornings? Are people ignorant of the knowledge of that food compromising their health? No. I think it’s safe to say, “That ship has sailed long ago!” Surely, they are aware that they are not making a good choice, but they continually make it anyway. This same example could be used in any area of life.

Apply What You Know and Learn

Our true power to change lies in our ability to choose. We can choose to apply the knowledge that we have, or we can choose not to. More knowledge is not the answer if we are not doing what we already know to do. We have more information at our fingertips now than ever before, yet we are no healthier than before. In fact, we are unhealthier. We are no more knowledgeable or capable than before either. So much information, yet so little decisive action.

How many cooking shows, magazines and web sites do we have now? Countless. How many of our younger generations can cook for themselves? A much lower percentage than previous generations. Is that because they don’t have enough knowledge? No. They have an exorbitant amount of cooking knowledge available to them, but little to no experience in applying that knowledge. The website Porch did a survey to gauge the cooking capabilities of various generations. The study found that a scary percentage of millennials don’t know how to cook elementary dishes that have very few ingredients and use fundamental cooking methods. We’re talking about extremely simple basics such as spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread, rice, and even a fried egg.

In our quest for attaining more, we have failed to learn how to apply what we already have within us. It is in the consistent application of what we learn that ultimately determines our desired outcomes.

You Are A Steward

We are all stewards of our own bodies. As adults, we are given the responsibility to care for them. We can choose to neglect our body, ignore its needs, abuse it, or nurture it. That decision is left to us. It’s a daily choice, and it is a moment-by-moment choice. Will you choose to honor the needs of our body today? Will you give yourself as much attention as your other responsibilities, or even greater? Will you value the precious gift of life you have been given enough to protect it?

I believe that we all desire to care for ourselves, our values are just not usually in alignment with our actions which usually indicates values that supersedes others. If you don’t have time to eat breakfast for instance, there is a value that supersedes the value of self-care. Perhaps, the evening before, there was something that received the benefits of your time and energy which left less for the morning to follow. Or maybe accomplishing tasks won your attention as being more valuable.

If frequent fine dining and entertainment are getting much of your financial resources each month, you may be led to believe that you cannot afford a personal fitness trainer. We only have so many resources – time, energy, money, attention, etc. What we direct them toward determines what our values truly are.

Your Values

If you want to know what is most important to you, look at your calendar and your bank account. You may be surprised at what you find when you look at how you spent your time and money over the course of a full month. Now evaluate. Do these expenditures (investments) line up with what you say that you value most? If not, you will come to realize that there are some misalignments. Our values are not what we say. They are what we live out.

What can you do today to apply knowledge that you already have? What adjustments can you make this week in the use of your resources that will enable you to prioritize yourself?

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