Managing Stress to Help Reach Your Fitness Goals

Bringing Certainty To Uncertain Times

Stressful circumstances are inevitable. Life-altering at times. But it is through these storms of life that we either have the tools to care for ourselves and cope in healthy ways, or we do not. We either have the support system we need, or we do not. No matter what your situation, and regardless of how out of control things may be, there are still things within your control. We cannot control much of what happens around us and to us, but we can always choose what happens within us. Our choices and responses are our power. Do we act or react? Action is taken from a place of self-control. Reaction occurs when we have given our power away.

The Hidden Battle

It is our internal condition that determines many of our outward choices. Knowing how to care for ourselves is important, but understanding why we have been unable to do so is just as important. This is why most diets and exercise programs fail. Why most behavioral focused programs fail. The most difficult battle is not in addressing what you do or don’t do. It is the war within yourself. How do you see yourself? How do you cope with stress? What do you believe about food and exercise? Many problems cannot simply be resolved with an exercise or eating program alone. We must care for who we are as people because that’s what drives the symptoms (behaviors) that we want to see change.

Stress reduction is important, but it falls short in providing a full solution. We cannot eliminate all stress from our lives. We must also learn how to cope with it in healthy ways. Anything we do that sabotages our health has reasons behind it. Tools are necessary, but so is utilizing the process of uncovering our bigger obstacles – the reasons why we do what we do.

If you don’t uncover the reasons that you allowed your health to deteriorate, you will continue the cycle of struggle.

You Must Discover:

  1. WHAT is it that you truly want?
    – Losing weight, for example, is not the real desire. If you lose weight, what will that give you?
  2. WHY do you want it?
    – Many of us get caught up doing the right things for the wrong reasons. You must have healthy motivating factors to become healthy – inside and out.
  3. HOW are you going to get it?
    – What is your plan? Your strategy? Be specific and take the initiative.

Asking For Help

How do we bring certainty into times of uncertainty? By getting our power back. However, you lost your power, it’s time to get it back! The power to feel well again and enjoy your life. The power to give your loved ones the best possible version of yourself. They need your “A” version. Not your “C” or “D” version.

We often despise or neglect asking for help. Most of us don’t want to admit when we need it. It’s sadly seen as a form of weakness, but it is a sign of strength. What’s more important to you? Your pride and the illusion of self-sufficiency, or your well-being?

If you are ready to act and you want us on your team, schedule a consultation with me. I will evaluate your needs and advise you on a plan that will help you make the necessary improvements to your health and your life. In the very least, I hope that this information inspires you to pursue and live your best life!

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