Muscle Provider

What: Muscle Provider is a premium, fast-acting protein blend. It consists primarily of Hydrolyzed Whey Protein (the most utilizable form of whey protein) and whey isolate. Lesser amounts of whey concentrate and egg white are included to maximize the amino acid profile.

Who: Athletes who want the highest quality whey formula available. If excellent taste, highest quality, easy digestion, complete utilization and proven results are important in a fast acting protein, Muscle Provider is for you.

Why: Muscle Provider has more hydrolyzed (pre-digested) protein than any other formula on the market. It won the 2008 Planet Muscle award for having the world’s strongest amino acid profile and unmatched EAA and BCAA content. Your direct benefit is much greater utilization and absorption than an average whey protein powder.

How: Muscle Provider is perfect whenever you want to get high quality protein into your muscles FAST. First thing in the morning, before you train and after your workout are perfect time to take Muscle Provider.

Fast Fact: Muscle Provider Chocolate is considered our best tasting and easy to mix protein powder. If you’re new to our proteins and you like Chocolate, this is where to start.

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