What: Pharmaceutical grade (NOT animal grade), laboratory tested formula of the eight Essential Amino Acids

Who: Anyone who wants to build lean, dense muscle tissue. Density is the number 1, most important supplement for anyone who is training and dieting to compete as a bodybuilder or fitness athlete. It is also excellent for the person who has poor eating habits or compromised health issues. Top 3 priority supplement for precontest or maximum fat loss while retaining muscle.

Why: Density supplies the eight essential aminos that your body must have to manufacture any amino acid it needs for muscle repair and growth at any given time. Density is effective anytime that you want a rapid infusion of amino acids into your muscle.

Density is easy to take, no digestion is required, and it works within minutes.

How: There are numerous tested ways that have proven effective. The most popular times are with meals and before training. Density is also effective when taken upon arising, after training, or even between meals. Here are three effective protocols.

  1. Take 2-5 Density with each meal depending on your size and budget.
  2. First thing upon arising to immediately put your body into a positive nitrogen balance.
  3. Before training (best), or immediately after training.

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