Featured Client: Michelle


“I have always been an active person, enjoying hiking, the outdoors, and spending time around our farm. I was never really into sports or working out and had never even been to a gym or lifted weights. But between my hobbies and somewhat active job I kept in decent shape and tried to eat healthy.

Until early in 2020, when I experienced an unusual and unfortunate adverse reaction to a commonly prescribed antibiotic for an infection. This would change my life for the next 2 years. I went from being able to hike miles across mountains all day to barely able to walk to my mailbox without needing to rest for hours afterwards. The acute stage lasted months, and I missed a lot of work during this time. It hurt to do anything: walk, sleep, the feeling of clothes brushing against my skin was painful. My joints ached, my skin burned, I was constantly exhausted. Doctors had no answers. While the world was first dealing with COVID I was experiencing my own personal hell. At least no one was going anywhere so I didn’t miss much! Reading stories of others who had dealt with this reaction I knew time was the best healer. It is a known side effect of this drug that for up to 2 years after taking it tendons can randomly rupture (Achilles most commonly) and mine felt tender at best. So, I didn’t really do anything for almost 2 years. Symptoms slowly improved, and soon only became random flareups. This was great, but my body had never been so weak in my life. Most of my muscle mass was basically gone.

At this point I knew I needed professional help to get my strength back. I was fearful of damaging my joints and really didn’t know where to begin. That’s when I met Nate and Bodies of Empowerment. He helped me articulate what my goals really were and what I needed to do to reach them, while understanding the state my body was currently in. We made a plan, and I started the next week. I really enjoy the semi-private sessions and the personalized workout plan specifically designed for me. I love that the routine changes periodically, so I don’t get bored with any one thing. It’s also great to see other like-minded individuals also working towards their goals without being overwhelmed by so many people as one may see in large gyms. I always feel like I am with a team that all encourage each other. With Nate and Steve’s help, now I am more comfortable with various types of gym equipment and discovered that I really enjoy lifting!

I no longer weigh myself or focus on a number on the scale, as I can see and feel the difference every day. I have strength that I’ve never had in my life, and established a routine that I plan to keep as long as I am able to. The Mindbody phone app make it easy to adjust my schedule whenever I need to. I had tried to establish routines at home for working out but never could stick with them. I found that joining Bodies of Empowerment gave me the drive I had been lacking, and the tools I needed to succeed in my goal of becoming a stronger, healthier person.

Thanks to Nate and Steve!”


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