Featured Client: Luke


“While I’ve never really looked like someone that would be classified as “out of shape,” sometime early last year I realized that I didn’t have the energy I needed throughout the day to be the best husband, father, and person I could be. I was finding it hard keeping up with my toddler’s crazy antics after a long day working and managing the household. I finally decided I needed to build some strength and get fitter, but I really didn’t know where to begin besides basic cardio or bodyweight exercises. Usually when I’ve worked up the motivation to get fit in the past, it would always eventually fade over a few weeks and I’d be right back where I started from.

Working with Nate and Steve over the last nine months has been incredibly impactful, not just from the results I’ve seen in my body but in my knowledge of fitness and nutrition. I’ve learned so much about food and how it relates to muscle growth, and how exercise technique is designed to develop specific muscles and muscle groups. It was exciting to see how much progress I could make with just a little bit of knowledge and a lot of great guidance from the trainers at Bodies of Empowerment. Nate and Steve also make it easy to want to come work out by developing a great rapport with other clients and maintaining a welcoming atmosphere for a newbie like me.

Now when I run around with my toddler on my back, I no longer have to make excuses to stop and catch my breath! Even everyday activities are easier with the added strength and stamina. I really don’t think I could have done it without the guys at Bodies of Empowerment teaching me and create a great environment for training. Thank you!”


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