Featured Client: Jeff


“I recently did something for myself that I am extremely happy about and proud of!

Growing up I played sports but by the time high school ended that was over. Life went on and I did the things everyone else does but I did not incorporate any consistent physical activity or proper diet to my life. By the time I was 32 this was painfully obvious. Overweight and out of shape, I needed to do something. So, I got a gym membership and swore I would eat better and change my life. Even though I wanted that change for myself without the knowledge on what foods I should eat or even exercising properly I was never going to achieve that goal. I thought I exercised correctly and was eating good for the most part but still no results.

I knew I had to do something but what and where to go? I was fortunate that I found Bodies of Empowerment!

Nate and Steve have been so helpful in my approach to living healthier and getting physically fit. I finally find myself in a place that has provided me with the necessary tools to exercise properly and eating right which in turn is producing the results I need and was looking for.

Today I feel great, my energy is up, I feel sharper. The results from a physical stand point are showing as well . This was a decision I’m so glad that I got around making for myself and you should too if you’re looking for these same things in your life.”


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