Featured Client: Barbara

Barbara“This summer I took a hard look at myself and didn¹t like what I saw. As I got older I gained weight and nothing I did seemed to work long term. I wanted to be healthier and to exercise regularly but I had so many excuses why I didn¹t. It¹s too expensive; I don¹t have the time; I¹m too tired after work; it¹s too hard before work. And then I realized that I couldn¹t wait any longer. No more excuses. I plan to retire in about a year and I want my retirement to be a healthy, happy and active one. I love my workouts at BOE. Nate, Steven and Aaron all bring something different to my sessions, but each has made me see that it is never too late and that I am the only one who can realize my retirement goals. I have been working out since August and I see big changes already. My clothes fit better, I am not so tired at the end of the day and I am actually learning how to live a healthy lifestyle. Thank, you BOE. I am so glad I found you”


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