Featured Client: Meribeth

Personal Trainer client of the Month

“Bodies of empowerment has helped me tremendously. I feel more energized and my diet has been greatly improved. I always ate my vegetables, but there was something missing. As soon as I got my nutritional consultation, Nate pointed out my lack of protein. However, I was worried this might turn into a diet. As he continued, I learned that I could splurge occasionally and still continue to gain muscle. “Being on a diet isn’t healthy Nate explained,”but living a healthy lifestyle is.”

My legs were incredibly weak when I first began, now I can leg press more than 3 times my body weight! Working out has allowed me to gain more confidence, and it turned out to be super-fun! At my first session, I learned that I was already skinny, however, I was incredibly weak. I learned how to punch, and kick, but that wasn’t all. More strength training followed and I continued to gain muscle. My friends always laugh when I say I’m going to the gym. They say that I’m already skinny and that I don’t need to exercise. But when I’m 70 years old, still lifting a considerable weight, and can live on my own, I’ll be the one laughing.”


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