Featured Client: Mark

Personal Trainer client of the Month

About 6 weeks ago, I was challenged to run 3 miles. Not very far right ! Well I couldn’t make it the whole way without stopping and walking for a while. However, the second time I tried the run, 3 days later , I noticed my legs were fine. I made it the whole way and never walked. It excited me. My leg training , doing Dead lifts, Squats and Leg presses had given me an unbelievable amount of stamina. Wow, what I didn’t know I had. Amazing Energy with quick recovery times. Over the last 6 weeks , I started going farther and farther, completing 10 miles in one run last week. I entered the Flying Pig Half Marathon per Nate’s encouragement. Unbelievably, I completed it (13.1) miles and was first in my age group. Normally, I only weight train and run sprints but I’m a living example of the additional value weight training and bodybuilding provides. I’ve been religious over the last 3 weeks on my diet and supplements and have dropped a bunch of body fat. Looking Good. You can do it too ! Thanks Nate!


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