Featured Client: MacKenzie

Personal Trainer client of the Month

I started going to Bodies of Empowerment the end of my sophomore year of High School. I was unhappy with the way I felt and looked. So I decided to try personal training with Nate at BOE. Within the first year I started seeing huge results, I went from no exercise to exercising twice a week. In the first year I had lost 20 lbs, by the second year I was down 35 lbs. I got to the point where my body weight was staying the same; I wasn’t able to lose anymore. With the help of Nate this past couple of months I’ve been able to turn my nutrition around, and learn how to exercise on my own. Now I work out twice a week with Nate but I also workout on my own time. My total weight loss from training with Nate is 44 lbs; I’m always amazed to realize I’ve lost that much weight. If it wasn’t for Nate I wouldn’t have lost that much, not only am I happy now but I’m healthy and in the weight range I should be in. I’m still working hard towards a leaner body but with the help of Nate any weight goal is reachable and possible.


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