Featured Client: Karen

Featured Client: Karen

Personal Trainer client of the Month

Over the past few years I have been recognizing the risk that my weak wellness habits and my genetics provide me as it relates to diabetes and high blood pressure. Knowing full well what the side effects of long term medication are and reflecting on our culture’s willingness to rely on drugs to sustain “health” rather that to sustain health through prevention, I challenged myself as I approached my fiftieth year to build up my strength to run a 5 K. Just two weeks before my fiftieth birthday I was able to complete that run, and just a few months after I managed a 10 K run. Certainly I celebrated that achievement but at the same time I noted that, while I continued my running routine, I was not getting stronger. Now past fifty I became worried that I no longer knew how to exercise my body in the way that it needed. Feeling frustrated I sought out a personal training with the goal to find a professional trainer that would do much more than supervise an “adult gym class”. Through a recommendation of a coworker I found Nate. Over the past few months working with Nate I have been very appreciative of the honor and respect he provides me and the process as I challenge myself to a point of exertion I have never before experienced. His attention to detail ensures I approach our time together in the most productive way possible and his patience with me motivates me to try harder during the next session. After a few months I feel greater energy with everything I do, supported with a stronger physical and emotional balance. My journey of discovery of how to exercise my body and to teach it strength is far from done, but the path I have been on thus far has been completely fascinating and very empowering. Thank you Nate!
– Karen


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