Featured Client: Jenny

“My experience at Bodies of Empowerment has been life-changing . When I started 6 months ago, I was heavier than I’d ever been in my life, had low self-esteem, and was always tired and unmotivated to get up and get moving. I have tried diets and exercise plans in the past that were moderately successful for a while, but I would always hit a wall and stop making progress or have a bad week and just give up.

But with their program and unending support and encouragement, I’ve finally found a program that works for me. I have consistently lost weight every month since August. I’m learning new ways of cooking and preparing food in ways that fit the plan while still producing flavorful and satisfying results; plus I’m trying new vegetables and liking them! When I’m true to the plan, I’m rarely hungry or craving something I “can’t” have. The cheat meal saves me every week! With the strength training and cardio workouts, I’m seeing my body change and feel more confident about my appearance. Plus, any time I’m struggling, Nate and Matt are there with words of encouragement and advice for overcoming the challenges. I look forward to my workouts each week.

The improvements in my health and body image have impacted all areas of my life. I’m more confident in my job, feel better prepared to complete the volunteer work I do, and am welcoming more people into my circle of friends. So it really has been life-changing. I’m a new person – happier and healthier – and I owe it to Bodies of Empowerment!”


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