Featured Client: Jamie

Personal Trainer client of the Month

I started working out with Katie a year ago with three goals, to lose 50 pounds, to run the Bourbon Chase (200 mile over night relay), and to be able to wear my engagement and wedding rings. I have accomplished two of the goals and am close to reaching the third of losing 50 pounds. Losing weight and reaching my goals has helped me be more confident in myself. I have joined a gym and take group classes which is something I would have never done a year ago. I have run several 5Ks and 10Ks and the Bourbon Chase. I joined a running training group and will be running the Mini Heart 15K and the Flying Pig Half Marathon in the coming months. I now continue to set goals for myself to help keep me motivated. I know with my new confidence I will be able to accomplish anything I set my mind to.


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