Featured Client: Crystal

Client of the Month: Crystal, January 2011

Personal Trainer client of the Month

I began working out with Katie 12 weeks ago because I wanted a lifestyle change. I wanted to create healthy eating & exercise habits that would continue for the rest of my life. I have started many work out programs and even joined 3 different gyms over the years but those never lasted more than a couple weeks. Working out with Katie is like working out with a friend who has the knowledge to show me the proper way to get a full body workout. I have been able to stick to the work out routines and actually look forward to learning new moves. Healthy diet habits are new to me because I have spent many years eating fast food. I am slowly learning and incorporating healthy foods into my daily diet. Katie is helping me take small steps to make a big change in my life. Currently I have lost 11 pounds of body fat and I am looking forward to losing more and continuing to improve my diet.


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