Featured Client: Brad

Personal Trainer client of the Month

In May 2012 my doctor recommended I see a nutritionist for my Crohn¹s disease. For many years I had tried a lot of different medications and treatments but rarely felt good. Instead of seeking out a nutritionist I decided to start working out and trying to eat healthy on my own. I have always been tall and thin but my eating habits were horrible which made things worse and very difficult. I began working out on my own and started feeling good but still wasn¹t sure how to eat. A friend recommended Nate and bodies of empowerment so I decided to give it a try. I¹ve been working with Nate since December 2012 and since that time my eating habits have completely changed. I now eat a variety of fruits and vegetables and have been able to stick to the diet. The results that I¹ve seen have been tremendous and I¹ve felt great for over 7 months now. I still need to put on some weight but my body fat percentage is going down and I am getting much stronger.


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