Featured Client: Barb

Personal Trainer client of the Month

I heard of Bodies of Empowerment from a friend who was training with Nate. After several years of no exercise, weight gain, and muscle loss I decided to bite the bullet and call Nate. It’s a call I have never regretted. I have many degenerative issues in my neck and back due to natural aging and two auto accidents both resulting in whiplash and back injuries. I started training with Nate in September 2011 with the following goals in mind, weight loss, loose fat, better posture, increased energy and strength. Nate advised and encouraged me to incorporate a better diet into my everyday life. At this point I have lost twenty-one pounds, feel stronger and have more energy. What has impressed me most about Nate is his knowledge of anatomy and physiology. If during any particular exercise pain is felt Nate will immediately stop and start over doing the exercise a different way with the same results. When I feel like a slug or whine and say I can’t do it, Nate has a way of finding a way that enables me to do it. Nate is definitely on my gratitude list for the immense difference in the way I feel. When you’re in better shape you just feel better about everything. Thank you Nate!


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