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Please take a moment to view some of our featured clients. These were all people just like you, who wanted to make a change and started doing something about it!

Featured Client: Sandy


“I’ve had great success with the daily routine Nate at BOE has developed for me.  He has helped me rethink my workout routine by adding a weightlifting workout in addition to cardio. Nate has also set up a nutrition plan…

Featured Client: Michelle


“I have always been an active person, enjoying hiking, the outdoors, and spending time around our farm. I was never really into sports or working out and had never even been to a gym or lifted weights. But between my…

Featured Client: Bill


“After many years of poor eating habits and inactivity my weight had ballooned up to 230 lbs. (mostly all belly fat). I knew that if I didn’t make some changes soon that it would become increasingly harder and harder to…

Featured Client: Jacob


“I discovered Bodies of Empowerment as somewhat of an accident after a regular visit to my doctor resulted in his desire to prescribe me blood pressure medication. After three days of taking it, and feeling just awful from the side…

Featured Client: Mindy


“I would like to start by saying, that I am forever grateful that I stumbled across Bodies of Empowerment when I was looking for a personal trainer. My first encounter with Nate and I knew right away that I was…

Featured Client: Dawn


“Gosh. Where to start! I was in pretty good shape when I was in my mid to late thirties. Shortly after that time period to right before I found Bodies of Empowerment? Not so good.  A lot had happened that…

Featured Client: Mimi


“I started training with Bodies by Empowerment in January of this year, it was a Christmas gift from my daughter, Ashley.  I am 61 years old, and I didn’t have a regular gym routine prior to this, nor had I…

Featured Client: Bill

Bill Stafford

“My wife is a long-time client at BOE, and I promised her I would join after I retired and had the time.  I didn’t realize the difference that keeping that promise would make.  My progress and results have exceeded my…

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